Wool Mittens for Kids
    Wool Mittens for Kids Wool Mittens for Kids Wool Mittens for Kids

Wool Mittens for Kids

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Brand: Prrems
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Two and a half days of travel is what it takes to reach the picturesque terrains of Mt. Baw. The fresh mountain air rejuvenates the body and stunning landscape imparts a similar effect on the mind. The charmingly small village here near the Latrobe Valley is the classic alpine village. The Mornington Peninsula nearby is another place where the natural world astonishes everyone who come here to visit. The Mt. Baw is here with amazing downhill trails equipped with ski lifts which promises the adventurous day ahead. The cross country trail of 10 km is very well groomed and leads to the Baw Baw Plateau. Provided with toboggan runs, there is another 20 km cross country trail that fills the mind with freshness. The entire experience is elevated to a higher degree if the hands are well protected with a pair of mittens specially made for this very weather. The mittens are available online in India to keep you at ease.

These are 100% pure wool gloves for children. They come in fancy bright colours of green, red and lime green. The gloves have a comfortable grip at the wrists to keep kids comfortable.

Age Group: The size 'S' Appropriate for age 5-10 years and the size 'M' appropriate for age 10-15yrs.

Fabric Composition:
Pure Wool

Temperature Range:
Suitable Up to 0°C to -10°C / 32°F to 14°F depending on individual resistance to cold.

Wash care Instruction:
Machine Wash in Delicate or Wool Cycle, Do not use Bleach, Do not Tumble Dry.

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