Women's  Accessories

When the temperature starts to drop and the air gets chilly outside, you can wrap yourself in some winter wear without comprising on your style. Winter accessories make you look great and keep you warm. So now you can stay warm and stylish at the same time.

Most women love to accessorise and here at Prrem’s you can choose from an array of wonderful accessories. Every winter trip should always be well planned as going to a winter destination with the right essential accessories such as caps, gloves, mufflers, stole scarves, shawls, socks, ear muffs and headbands can avoid disaster. At Prrem’s you can accessorise from head to toe.

Also if you like to travel light, you might carry just a single pullover or jacket. In that case take a variety of colourful accessories like mufflers and caps so as to look different and stylish in every picture!

You have multiple choices for winter hats that are designed for light to heavy winters. You can pick some nice pure woollen hats, some trendy French berets, colourful beanies and vibrant topies. You can also pick up some accessories for sub-zero temperatures likefleece buffs and woollen balaclavas for those really cold winter days.

Mufflers, stoles and shawls are just what you need to keep your neck and upper body warm. Wearing a bright coloured silk scarf will add a lot of colour to your outfit and will make you stand out. You can make a fashion statement with a finely knit stole that is made from pure merino wool.

A luxurious pashmina shawl is your perfect lightweight travel companion, as well as a luxurious gift for your loved ones. It makes for an ideal accessory for a wedding too and is also a beautiful gift to give. You can choose from a variety of styles and colours. While covering your body, keeping your hands warm is also important. At Prrem’s you can find some gloves for the dry winter days as well as the cold, wet, sub-zero winter days. You can also get yourself a pair of mittens and fleece gloves to keep your hands warm and toasty during the winter season.

Now that you have got all the winter wear for your head, ear, neck and upper body, it’s time to keep your feet warm and comfortable with some colourful, warm socks. Choose from a variety of colours and patterns and make this winter vacation a fabulous one.