Wool Ribbed Socks (5-7yrs)
    Wool Ribbed Socks (5-7yrs) Wool Ribbed Socks (5-7yrs)

Wool Ribbed Socks (5-7yrs)

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₹ 300.00
Brand: Prrems
* Colour:
* Size:

Wool socks for kids, a crazy range of colours to choose from. Feeling bright choose from blue, add some mischief with red, pretty as a picture try on some pink!

Warm and snug rich wool socks for kids, ribbed structure for a comfortable fit. 

Fabric Composition: 
Acrylic Wool

Temperature Range: 
Suitable Up to 10°C to 0°C / 50°F to 32°F depending on individual resistance to cold.

Wash Care Instruction: 
Machine Wash, Do not use Bleach, Do not Tumble Dry.

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