Pop Art Winter Skull Ski Cap for Women
    Pop Art Winter Skull Ski Cap for Women Pop Art Winter Skull Ski Cap for Women

Pop Art Winter Skull Ski Cap for Women

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Brand: Prrems
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Neons, lemons and bright eye popping colours are perfect embellishments this winter season. Prrem’s offers you a fun selection of winter half caps for Men, Women and Teenagers. The pure merino wool caps will keep you warm while skiing down the slopes in Chamonix or Gulmarg.

It is a common perception that the hood of the jacket can serve as a cap. However, the hood does not stay close to the ears. A cap is an important winter accessory as it keeps your ears protected from the cold wind. When you wear a winter cap, make sure to pull it down to cover your ears. Incase of rain or snow, don’t forget to pull on the hood of your jacket over the cap to keep your warm and dry.

Makes a long lasting impression to your photographs on a holiday.The half cap will definitely add a pop of colour to your winter wardrobe. Team it with a matching muffler and gloves and get selfie ready! You can glam up the look with a fun funky colourful earmuffs like Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor in the film Anjaana Anjaani. These earmuffs are available online or drop in to the store and try out the stylish winter look.

Choose from neon orange during the dawn of Autumn season, lime green to welcome Spring, cool sky when skiing the blue white winter slopes or barbie pink to brighten the winter mood.

The cap comes in a free size and stretches comfortably to fit adults.

Fabric Composition:
100% Merino Wool

This cap has a foldable flap which can be used to adjust the length of the cap.
Open the flap and wear the cap like a beanie
Wear it as a half cap with the flap folded

Temperature Range:
Suitable Up to 0°C to -10°C / 32°F to 14°F depending on individual resistance to cold.

Wash Care Instructions:
Dry Clean

Savour your winter holiday memories with this all wool cap that is available online. 

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