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When you are travelling on a trip in winters, are you often daunted by what you are going to wear to chilly destinations? If yes, worry no more, you have Prrem’s – The Winter Wear Store.

Prrem’s – The Winter Wear Store launched in 1996 is a Winter Wear and Outdoor Multi-Brand Outlet specialising in garments for winter with temperatures up to -20°C.



Keeping in mind the latest in street as well as high fashion from across the globe, you will find international and Indian brands like Monte Carlo, t-base, ALX New York, Quechua and many more vying for attention here. Personally selected designs, with the smartest fabrics to keep the body warm and dry even in extreme conditions, will ensure keeping both your pocket as well as all your loved ones very happy indeed.


Here’s the easy part – we are only a click away. To be fabulously armed with the best in winter wear, or just to indulge your eyes in a delicious array of garments, you need not step outside the cosy comfort of your home. Just click away and browse through our collection online.

Flagship Store in Bombay

Remember the time when pleasant store managers and accurately informed sales staff made your shopping experience a pleasurable one? That still happens at the Prrem’s store. We have a one stop winter wear shop in Bandra, conveniently located on Linking Road. We help clients pick out the right garments for the specific destination they are travelling to. For example, you don’t want to be caught in a London shower in a wool trench coat; so we check accurate weather conditions and accordingly recommend what you need on your journey. Rest assured that each item has personally been tested by us and will not let you down.

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