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Make your photos viral in the real world! #PhotoCard!

Author: Diipti Published In: Travel Created Date: 2014-04-05 Hits: 3777 Comment: 0

The internet has revolutionized the way in which people connect and share moments. Sharing images over social media has become ubiquitous and it is wonderful but somewhere deep down, we at Prrem’s, are also big fans of the old school postcard charm. And hence, #photocard! Combining the best of both worlds, we are running a campaign wherein you share your pictures with the hashtag PhotoCard and tag @prrems and we'll get postcards made out of them!

Also, the summers are around the corner and many of us are planning for a trip up to the cool mountains in North India. Keeping this in mind, the theme for the season is ‘majestic mountains’. You can send us any image that you think relates to the mountains and voila! You have a chance to take your photograph viral! Not only do you get a beautiful photocard delivered to you, the photocards will also be kept in coffee shops and other places across cities for the public to pick them up for free (we’ll obviously credit you in each of the photographs).

How it works:

You don’t need to be a pro photographer, all you need is the love for travel. Here’s what you need to:

1) Get hold of a picture you’ve clicked and tweet, share on FB or Instagram it using the hashtag #PhotoCard and tagging Prrems.

2) Don’t forget to mention the place where the photo was clicked.

3) That’s it, follow the #PhotoCard to see what others are sharing and we’ll be announcing the winners via all our channels- Blog, Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

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