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Fashion Tips for Winter

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Fashion is about reinventing the way you look, right? And winter wear is all about layering. When you combine the two together, you get to reinventing yourself through layering.

Why do people go through the effort of being fashionably innovative? Because of the thrill factor; you could either hit bull’s-eye or totally bomb. Your winter wardrobe allows the greatest number of elements to experiment with. Here are some tips to allow you to boldly follow the fashionista spirit in you.

You’ve got about 5 areas to work with to create your winter outfit. A jacket, a tee or a dress, the bottom, which could be anything from stockings to pants to a long skirt; footwear, and accessories like scarfs, ear muffs, snoods, caps. 


Your body frame may set boundaries to what you can wear, but it also challenges you. Explore silhouettes that are a mix of styles. However, be wise; there is a fine line between being adventurous and looking silly. Ladies, while going for a heavily layered top, match it with narrow pants or slacks. Slim calf length boots also work very well. Pick the right colour for your shade and shape. It must suit your skin tone but more importantly, always keep your body type in mind. 


Wool coats which button up only at the top but flair thereon will hide that tiny bit of flab. For those with envious waists, there’s the classic trench coat, or even A-lined coats. Men – think Sherlock Holmes. The British really know how to dress for winter; even if some do tread the thin line of innovative and bizarre. A classic checked sweater will never go out of style, so keep one handy in your wardrobe.


There’s nothing more sensuous than a woman in a dress or a long skirt. You could pair these with warm wool stockings and have fun with the colours. Darker hues have a slimming effect and are more efficient at hiding problem areas. Lighter shades play up your figure. Note: If your figure is extremely lean or too heavy, skip wearing an overall monotone look – unless it is black. 


Mixing prints will keep it exciting. So you could try mixing animal prints or asymmetrical patterns. Careful, though - too many prints and you could turn into a walking optical illusion.


The secret to looking winter-perfect lies in combining textures and cuts which complement each other, without getting lost in the crowd. The classics are incapable of letting you down, with their impeccably stylish cuts. Also, these could give the impression of you being indifferent to the latest trend i.e. snob value. The Khaki trench coat, structured and stylish, is a true classic. Consider investing in cashmere: You get more warmth with less bulk. Another style that has always been around is the classic knee-length, belted, brown coat that was a huge hit back in the ’70′s. My personal favourite, however, is the black military coat; bold and gorgeous. Team any of these with another classic, the European looped muffler, for an instant transformation from dowdy to stylish.


Accessories like scarfs and snoods give character to any outfit and lend that delicious bit of warmth. Contrasting colours work well here. Winter is the best season for chunky jewellery; metallic bracelets, neck pieces, punk hair bands add zing to brighten a dreary winter’s day. Team it up with nude make up, and you’re good to go.

With foot wear, throw away those Uggs and invest in stylish, durable shoes that complement your outfit while lending that bit of oomph. Also, a chic bag never hurt anyone.

While keeping these tips in mind, follow your instinct; the way you dress is an extension of your personality. The times we live in today exalt the brave who unleash and experiment. As Alexander McQueen famously said, “It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules.”

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