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Anatomy of a Trench Coat

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Often, in the process of developing styles, we are fascinated with the various features of classic designs. Among all classic overcoats, the Trench Coat stands tall. Above is an interesting illustration by Chriselle, our design diva at Prrem's. 

Thanks to countless designer interpretations, the trench coat continues to be an important part of our wardrobes because of its constant evolution. However, it continues to serve the same purpose; keep you dry, warm and by default, stylish. Read on, to unravel this timeless classic.

The History:

It is a trusty jacket, a wind cover, a rain shelter, and a timeless chic classic. But have you ever given any thoughts to its origins? 

The classic authentic trench coat was first made by the firm of Burberry. Thomas Burberry may not, in fact, have been the inventor of gabardine, but he was enough of a businessman to patent this cotton weave, resistant to water and wind, in rain-swept England in 1879. Burberry retained exclusive manufacturing rights to the material until 1917. This hard-wearing cloth soon came to the attention of the armed forces, and English officers first wore Burberry coats during the Boer War. In 1914, one version received official approval from the War Ministry, and over 500,000 of these ‘trench coats’ were worn during the First World War (hence the name). The trench coat’s military past is recalled today by its shoulder tabs, the storm flap at the collar, and the D-shaped rings on the belt, which were used to attach items of equipment.

Our love affair with the trench coat first started when we watched Humphrey Bogart sporting the rain-proof coat in Casablanca. So here we are today, presenting to you our version of trench coats, designed to include not only young blokes but also the strong stylish women of today. Make a statement this season with a staple piece in your wardrobe --  trench coats are back and the styles are better than ever!

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