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Planning for a break from your rush hour routine? Feel the need to relax and breathe some fresh air? It is the perfect time to plan an adventurous outdoor trip in the midst of green grass and hilly roads. While packing your bags for the trip, keep in mind that the weather is unpredictable and you need to plan your outdoor wear well enough to beat the weather.

Now that you’ve planned to get out of your comfort zone and head into the wilderness, you also need to pack and get the right gear to keep you comfortable during your trip.  So when the weather decides to get boisterous, with strong winds, sleet or snow, an outdoor jacket and a pair of fleece lined rain pants will protect you from the rain, wind and snow. These are some outdoor essentials that should always be a part of your outdoor trip bag.

At Prrem’s you can get the complete package of winter wear for an outdoor tour. The foldable bag at Prrem’s comes handy when you need to carry items while you are on a trek. Once the bag is empty, you can fold it and tuck it in your pockets.

If you love to go trekking and are interested in mountaineering, to block light showers and also as a wind breaker while you set up your picnic basket, then a well-designed umbrella is your best friend. At Prrem’s you can find umbrellas with a curved handle and rubber tip, so it can be doubled as a stick while climbing the hills. The multipurpose umbrella can also be used to protect from the rain and snow. They are big, strong and come in vibrant colours.

So if it is raining outside and you want to take a walk, skip your rain jacket on this time, pick up an umbrella and set out for an adventure in the great outdoors!