Kid's Accessories

Before taking a trip to a snow bound destination, you sit to pack your bags for a wonderful trip to the Alps. Your kids are extremely excited to play in the snow. You have planned and packed snow jackets, woollen sweaters and thermal wear, and did you forget something? The small essentials like gloves, socks, caps and mufflers, usually skip the packing list.

No winter holiday is complete without winter accessories. So let’s look at some of the essential items you may want to carry on a winter holiday. Let’s start from your head to your toes and list what accessories you need to carry for the winter.

Winter caps are the perfect accessory to keep your head and ears warm. You can pick from a cute braid cap for your little girl or get your son a nice colourful woollen one. Mufflers are a perfect choice to keep your kid’s neck warm. At Prrem’s you can get a muffler and glove set combo too.

For winter vacations, gloves are essential as they keep your hands warm and are a must for your kids when they want to play in the snow. You can get woollen gloves that keep your hands warm in dry winters where temperatures range between 15°C to 0°C. You can also get a pair of wind and water resistant nylon or polyester gloves that keep your hands warm and dry while you are out in the snow or just having fun skiing. They come in ten exciting colours and different patterns. The elastic at the wrists gives you a comfortable snug fit and you won’t have to worry about them falling off your kid’s hands.

Your kid’s feet need a good comfortable pair of socks. Most people think that regular socks would serve the purpose when going for a winter vacation; however you need to have the right attire to keep your kids warm from head to toe. At Prrem’s you have regular cotton socks for mild winter days and pure woollen socks for a snowy destination. They come in a range of different colours so that you always have the right colour for every outfit.

Choosing the right type of fabric depends on where you are heading. The friendly team at Prrem’s provides the right suggestion for your selected winter destination.