Planning for a holiday can be a lot of fun, and a winter holiday is more enjoyable if there is snow involved. So if you’ve planned a trip to the Himalayas, Switzerland, Rome or another snowy destination, being prepared with the right winter wear to brave the cold is essential. You surely want a healthy vacation, so keeping your bundle of joy warm and protected would be your top priority. At Prrem’s, you can select from a range of available winter wear for kids.

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Dressing your children in colours is always amusing and if there is a trip planned, the excitement to shop for clothes is even more. At Prrem’s, you will get all your winter layers in a couple of clicks online. You can also visit the brick and mortar store based in Mumbai and meet the team!

At Prrem’s, you can pick from a wide variety of winter wear that comes in a range of styles, colours and sizes. You can dress your girls in a snug pink coat and a beanie with braids, or opt for a vibrant blue jacket for your boys. Build your winter wardrobe with a gorgeous collection of winter wear this season.