Featured Traveller: Anuradha Goyal

“Travellers” have always been a subject of fascination among us common folks. A paramount level of inherent zeal to make the distance and ability to connect with their surroundings and its people, these are some of the talents not everyone can master that well. Let us talk to Anuradha who just got back from her latest trip and brought some real warm memories digitally uploaded on her blog.

Prrems Featured Traveller

A little about our traveller

“I am an eternal nomad”, this is how Anuradha describes herself. “I travel because I have to and I need no reason to travel. There is this yearning to explore the world first hand that keeps me going.”

With a history in the IT industry, Anuradha also works as a consultant. An avid traveller she has been writing and sharing her itinerant experience on her blog for last 10 years. Apart from covering  extensive ground in India, Anuradha has taken up journeys in about 14 countries.

Travelling alone or among friends?

Is travelling a loner’s solace into the unknown or celebration of all the things that makes us human. Simply put, is it more fun to travel alone?

“Both, depending on the mood, place, purpose and the circumstances.” Anuradha replied, “I think solo travel has its advantages but it is highly over rated. While it allows you to connect to the destination more intimately, it can be very tough on the traveller and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. I have travelled alone in the interiors of the country and in places like Bhutan and Sikkim long before it became trendy to go there and enjoyed the journey, but I have equally enjoyed connecting with fellow travellers on many more trips.”

“At this point in time, I enjoy travelling in small groups.”

Featured Traveller Anuradha Goyal at Prrems

Planning your trip

Does it take Anuradha months of planning or she just decides to go for a trip on get-go? “Depends on the trip. As an Indian passport holder, any trip outside India has to be planned. Even trips to places like North East need a bit of planning.”

But there were instances when spontaneity held fort.  I have sometimes travelled as unplanned as this – Took the car to Railway station, parked it there, bought a general ticket and got on to any train, got down at any random station, spent the day there and came back by a returning train.”

It seems like, Anuradha prefers to plan for a trip well ahead, “Most my trips have an outline plan leaving enough space for unplanned activities and discoveries.”

The favourite destination?

“I usually do not want to go back to the same place as there are so many more waiting to be explored” Anuradha continues, “But a place that I find calling me is Varanasi – the city of death, city of the Saint-Poet Kabir and city of  the Holy Ganga.”

Featured Traveller Anuradha Goyal

The best season to travel

Different regions around the globe, display contrasting characteristics, when visited in different seasons. Therefore she says, “All seasons are good to travel – may be the choice of destination changes. Having said that, to travel in India Oct – Mar is a good time – you can go to most places during this time.”

The ultimate winter destination.

Which are the places Anuradha would suggest to an amateur traveller? “All of India is good for winters. From Rajasthan to Kerala to North East to South India, including the Himalayas when they wear their snow caps, the entire landscape is beautiful.”

Anuradha Goyal blogs at www.inditales.com and you can follow her on Twitter @anuradhagoyal

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