Everything You Wanted to Know About Fleece

Come winter and it’s time to pull out those snug, serene and soft fleece jackets. Historically referring to non-woven woolen fabric, fleece has been the numero uno choice since centuries for those seeking warmth, flexibility and comfort from their winter layers. In order to enhance this simple yet versatile woolen fabric and reinforce it with added properties, fleece was soon transformed into its more durable and functional avatar – Polar Fleece. A synthetic fabric that has come to define winter style and utility, polar fleece has become a winter dressing staple all over the world ever since it was first discovered at the apparel stores of England in the late 1970s. Particularly favoured by winter sports enthusiasts, polar fleece is a lightweight fabric that is intelligently designed for breathability and water resistance. Read on as we demystify this magic fabric for you:

Fleece v/s Polar Fleece

A classic, go-to winter piece that spells quality, practicality and style, polar fleece (simply called fleece) is used to make everything from blankets and jackets to hoodies and mufflers. Polar fleece differs from regular fleece in its composition of fabric; i.e high-end polar fleece is developed using traditional wool and synthetic Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) fibres in equal proportion. These two materials enable fleece to provide high-quality insulation while also allowing breathability. This makes fleece the perfect choice for winter adventure enthusiasts who need to alleviate sweating while also retaining body heat. With a combination of natural and synthetic fibres comes the added advantage of lightweight, thus giving fleece an airy and light feel as compared to 100% woolen fleece jackets which can be rather heavy and bulky. Polar fleece is also the best pick for those with peculiar allergies to natural wool.

Polar Fleece Jacket for Men

For example, pick this Full Zipper Jacket for Men made up of Polar Fleece as you trek across the European Alps or snowboard at St Moritz in Switzerland. By striking the right balance between insulation and breathability, this trendy fleece jacket ensures evaporation of sweat and moisture while also trapping the right amount of body heat to keep you warm throughout. Available in five trendy colours of black, navy, purple, red and turquoise green, this stylish fleece jacket is your ideal partner for all kinds of winter sports such as mountaineering, skiing and hiking.

What makes Fleece unique?

Two words – airflow and breathability. While there are several materials to keep you warm, nothing quite offers ventilation for sweat and body-heat quite like a simple, snug-fit fleece jacket. This is an important characteristic for those who intend to get the adrenaline pumping with high-energy activities that result in intense body-heat discharge. Given its lightweight, stretchable and soft-feel on your skin, fleece also makes for a great mid-layering solution.

Add to these the fact that fleece clothing is machine-washable and quick-drying and what you get is a must-have fabric for everyone’s winter wardrobe. Specially if you are holidaying with your little ones, who are more prone to staining and soiling clothes, rest assured that you can travel light on your next New York Christmas sojourn with only a couple of wash-and-wear fleece vests for the kids. Hence, it is no surprise that Polar Fleece is the fabric of choice when it comes to multi-functional performance with cost and weight savings.

Polar Fleece Hoodie Sweatshirt

An ideal mid-layer for your winter ensemble, this Hoodie Sweatshirt for Women is designed with 180 gsm polar fleece and, hence, can also double-up as your work-out gear. Worn by itself, this hip-length hoodie can protect you from temperatures ranging between 5°C to 15°C. If worn with a base thermal layer, you can remain warm even at 0°C. And if the mercury drops way below this, just throw a shell layer over this sturdy yet demure fleece sweatshirt to stay snug and stylish.

How to jazz it up?

What’s life without some spice and what’s a good fleece jacket without a few added features? Collars, wrists, zippers and pockets – each of these features will add that bit of oomph (not to mention functionality) to your fleece jacket as you ride rough on those ski slopes this winter. High-collar, elastic zippers ensure that cold air doesn’t seep close to your body. Also, make sure that the sleeves of your fleece jacket are longer than your wrist, thereby protecting your palms in case you find yourself without a good pair of gloves. Alternatively, opt for hoodies with hand pockets along front or waistline so you can warm your hands with the soft feel of your fleece. Some jackets are also armed with Velcro and elastic along the wrists to entirely block out the icy cold wind.

Polar Fleece Sweatshirt Pullover

If simplicity and endurance is all you seek, grab hold of this stylish Half Zipper for Women. A no-frills pullover designed for complete warmth and comfort, this fleece zipper comes with a gentle feminine cut that accentuates your beauty within the winter layers. Equipped with a high collar guarded by a half zip metal runner and tight cuffs at the wrists, this zipper takes winter styling and practicality one notch higher.

So go ahead and revel in the winter fun and frolic while your fleece jacket does all the work of keeping you warm and wonderful.

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